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棉花研究所留学生请假管理条例Regulations on International Students' Leave of Absence of ICR(2019)

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Regulations on International Students' Leave of Absence of ICR


To implement policies by Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GSCAAS), Institute of Cotton Research of CAAS (ICR) and local public security bureau, the Science and Technology Administration of the ICR (STA) hereby makes the following regulations on international students’ leave of absence.

1. International students who are unable to participate in scientific research and other activities because of illness or other things, should take a leave of absence in advance at least 3 days from your supervisor, ICR and International Education Department of GSCAAS. International students are required to fill in detailed reasons and attach corresponding supporting materials.

2. Leaving approval and request: Leave forms shall be kept by the STA. Leaving time within 2 days, leaving form can be approved by the supervisor; leaving time during 3-6 days, leaving form must be filled in and approved by the supervisor and ICR; leaving time during 7-15 days, leaving form must be filled in and approved by the supervisor, ICR and International Education Department of GSCAAS, leave forms shall be kept by the STA. If the leaving time exceeds 30 days, students must fill in the application form for suspension. The student who has been absent from the ICR for two weeks without official approval, or has not returned to school in time without justified reasons, will be regarded as drop-out.

3. Extending vacation: Students on leave of more than 7 days, if vacation needs to be extended, you should resubmit leaving application 3 days before the end of the original vacation. The application requirements are the same as those mentioned above. Each leaving is allowed to be extended only once. The allowance is based on the overlapping length of the two vacations. Extension of leaving is prohibited during the registration period of every new semester, otherwise it will be treated as unregistered.

4. Allowance disbursement: If the leaving time is less than 7 days, the allowance will be paid as usual; if it is overdue, the allowance beyond the vacation will be deducted. If the leave period during 7-15 days and the allowance during the leave will be deducted; if it is overdue, the allowance beyond the vacation will also be  deducted. During suspension, the allowance will be discontinued. The allowance shall be suspended during the period of leaving for those who leave the ICR without permission.

5. Reporting back: Leaving time is within 2 days, after the end of the vacation, students need to report back to the supervisor. Leaving time for 3 or more than 3 days, students must bring back tickets that can prove the back time to the STA on the last day or the next day of the leaveʼs termination date to report back. Students that have been suspended should go through the formalities for resuming their studies in accordance with the HANDBOOK FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. The corresponding allowances for those who fail to report back on schedule shall be deducted in accordance with the regulations,and all awards will be disqualified for this semester.


Science and Technology Administration

  Institute of Cotton Research of CAAS

June, 2019